Labeled as the stability shoes of the year.

I heard a lot of good feedback about GT-2000 but I haven’t tried it myself. It is also a stability shoes and somewhat lighter version of Gel Kayano. All the specs can be seen here: GT-2000 12™ I have run with it on 14kms distance and so far, it is comfortable, lighter and stiff / rigid on the heel.

It gives both cushioning and stability and much affordable than Gel Kayano 30. The upper is lacking in breathability (same as Gel Kayano 30) but it can be solved perhaps by thinner socks or run in much cooler temps because I sweat a lot.

I like:

1. ASICS GT-2000 12 is stable, I saw from some reviews that they consider it as top stability shoe of

the year.

2. It looks durable, anyway all ASICS shoes are durable.

3. The new technology 3D Guidance System for stable, adaptive and supported runs.

4. Like Gel Kayano 30, GT-2000 12 also has wider basenets for more midfoot support.

5. It’s a well-rounded shoe, and everyone of different levels of runners can enjoy it.

I somewhat don’t like:

1. The toe box is a little narrow for my foot and it also gives me the heat friction specially running in

the sun.


I love the development of stability shoes this year. It’s really a big step forward for both GT-2000 12

and GEL Kayano 30. The stableness of the shoes is not in your face however it can be felt miles after


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