The color injection is a head turner.

My first ever ASICS shoe was Gel Noosa 10, since that time it became my favorite. I run my first marathon with it and finished my first 70.3miles with it. The Noosa model used to have Gel that you can consider it as stability shoes. Well, years by they removed the Gel and evolved it into a fast shoe. But there are things remain constant, it’s durable, good running technology, colorful and attractive in the eyes.

The new Noosa Tri 15 is FLYTEFOAM™ technology provides comfort without dragging. The ASICS GEL™ technology is also incorporated in the midsole that absorbs shock and makes the landing smooth and firm. The upper mesh is breathable and doesn’t absorb water. The AHAR™ rubber outsole increases the durability of the outsole. You can find the full description here: ASICS Noosa TRI™ 15.

I like:

1. Noosa TRI 15 is so comfortable to run with. It gives you a smooth-running feel.

2. It’s lightweight so the speed is not being compromised.

3. Can be used in long endurance run and higher paced run.

4. Toe box is a little wider and a little stiff in the ankle part for firmer landing.

5. The color injection is a head turner.

I somewhat don’t like:

1. There’s no elastic lace this time. It was built for triathlon purpose so it should be easy to get on and off.


AED 625.00, with the new technology inserted on this shoe is already value for money. This shoe is one of the durable shoes that I know and certainly you can use these for years.


Noosa TRI 15 is a neutral shoe, so if you are a neutral runner like me, I highly recommend you own one (my bias opinion). Both old and new runners will enjoy its comfortability.

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written by

Eden Uy

Marine Administrative Officer from Dubai

Club: 3f Striders

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