A shoe that not only fits like a glove but draws the attention of all is one to watch.

This shoe blends exceptional performance with an explosion of vibrant colors that not only catch the eye but also perform exceptionally well for triathletes and runners alike.

Design: ASICS has truly outdone themselves in terms of design with the Color Injection version of the Noosa Tri 15. The bright and dynamic color palette not only makes you stand out during your training or race but also exudes a sense of energy and vitality. The seamless upper design not only reduces irritation but also contributes to the sleek look of the shoe. The integration of the lace garage ensures your laces are securely tucked away, preventing any distractions during your run.

Comfort and Fit: The shoe accommodates a range of foot shapes and provides ample room in the toe box while maintaining a secure hold on your midfoot. The heel collar and tongue are padded, enhancing comfort and minimising friction. ASICS' proprietary cushioning technology, FLYTEFOAM™, provides a responsive and cushioned feel, making these shoes perfect for long-distance training or racing. The fit of this shoe is much more snug that previous editions of the shoe and has reduced the previous "roomy" feel in the forefoot particularly,

The midsole features ASICS' GEL technology, which absorbs shock and reduces impact during each stride. The stability and support it offers ensure you can maintain an efficient and controlled gait throughout your run.

Overall, the ASICS Noosa Tri 15 is a great addition to the Noosa Tri series. Its unique and vibrant design makes it impossible to go unnoticed, while its performance and durability make it my preferred choice of shoe at the moment.

written by

Mathew Ashton

Teacher from Dubai

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