"Life is too short to wear boring shoes"- Yosi Samra

These shoes give a pop of color to my shoe collections, especially since they take an Avant Garde colorway inspired by Van Gogh's paintings. 

It adds a joyful and vibrant element to any look.

As such, the latest #NoosaTri15 is softer cushioning and propulsive. It will depend on the individual's gait and midsole shape/softness preference. If your cadence goes up more than your stride as you pick up pace, then the rockered shape on the Noosas will help you with quick turnovers. 


  1. Vibrant and bold colors that make a statement. 
  2. Lightweight shoes to consider for fast training and/or racing. Though it has no carbon plate, it is a speedy and fast shoe.
  3. Breathable upper material and well-cushioned. Ideally, designed and made for triathlon races.


  1. Slightly narrower than the previous model, hence anyone with wider feet should check the fitting well.
  2. The outsole doesn't have that good grip, especially on wet surfaces.

Final thoughts:

I loved this new release from Noosa Tri collection because of the eye-catching colors while having the benefits of being lightweight and bouncy when used for fast-paced. Also, it felt smooth at a slower pace. 

It is my top pick when doing my triathlon especially for short courses. 

It's tough to go wrong with this shoe.

written by

Marsha Jane Yecla

from Dubai

Age group: 34
Club: Filipino International Triathletes, TeamOnTri, Filipino Trail Runners UAE, 3F Striders,

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