The applications for ASICS FrontRunner will be opening in early 2024. Here’s what you need to know if you would like to apply

What is ASICS FrontRunner?
ASICS FrontRunner is not your typical influencer program! Started in 2010, it encompasses more than 30 countries and 600 runners, all of whom share a love for running – and a passion for sharing it with their communities! ASICS FrontRunner members embody the core values of ASICS and its #SoundMindSoundBody philosophy that has been at the heart of the Japanese sportswear brand since 1949. Understanding ASICS' history is essential to appreciating the significance of the FrontRunner program. Founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka, ASICS has a rich legacy rooted in the pursuit of innovation and excellence in athletic performance. The #SoundMindSoundBody approach is not just a marketing tagline; it encapsulates our belief that physical well-being is intrinsically connected to mental well-being. The ASICS FrontRunner program is an embodiment of this philosophy, selecting ambassadors who reflect the brand's commitment to a balanced and holistic approach to fitness.

Do you know what ASICS stands for?
ASICS is an acronym derived from the Latin Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, which translates to A Sound Mind In A Sound Body. The philosophy behind this reflects our commitment to promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle through movement. ASICS was founded to uplift society through encouraging physical movement. Our core philosophy remains the same in 2024.

We are diverse individuals united by a passion for running

What does ASICS look for in its FrontRunner ambassadors?
At ASICS, we passionately believe in diversity, inclusion and representation of runners from all background and all walks of life. We are all diverse and different – united by a common passion for running and movement! Our ambassadors are friendly, enthusiastic, welcoming and consistent in sharing their passion with their followers and communities. Check out @asicsfrontrunner and @asicsme on Instagram to see the runners they follow – if you think your profile fits our philosophy and you think you have something to add, then apply!

What are the benefits of being an ASICS FrontRunner?
There are many benefits that our team enjoys. Here are just a few:

Training camps and meetings
One of the features of ASICS FrontRunner includes exclusive access to training camps. These camps provide members with a unique opportunity to enhance their skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and learn from seasoned professionals. Teams also meet locally and regionally for brand activities and of course running together!

Community building
ASICS FrontRunner is big on the power of community! We go beyond the digital, encouraging members to engage in real-world interactions. The sense of camaraderie and shared passion creates a supportive environment that extends beyond the boundaries of a typical influencer network.

Grow your personal profile
We’re proud to say that being a FrontRunner is a very impressive thing to add to your CV! From affirming your status as a movement ambassador in your community, to working on your personal brand building, leadership skills and more… there’s a lot of opportunity to develop YOU when you join a team of go-getting, like-minded individuals.

You get to try the kit first!
As ASICS FrontRunner members you get to try and test the best kit each season, and then share your experience of the quality and innovation with your followers. You are supported in becoming an expert on all our different running shoes, and can help people decide whether they should choose a Kayano, a Nimbus or a MetaSpeed (or even to explain why all three have their rightful place in a runner’s wardrobe).

All kitted out and ready to run

What is my role as an ASICS FrontRunner?
ASICS FrontRunner measures success not solely in terms of online engagement metrics but in the impact members have on their communities. KPIs include the ability to inspire, foster positive change, and embody the brand's values, as well as creating an expected amount of helpful, inspiring and motivating content. ASICS seeks individuals who authentically live the #SoundMindSoundBody philosophy, and who show kindness, encouragement, resilience, dedication, and a commitment to personal and collective well-being.

Should I apply in 2024?
If you believe that you contribute meaningfully to your running community then answer is yes! If #SoundMindSoundBody resonates with you, ASICS FrontRunner could be a perfect match. ASICS FrontRunner is not just about endorsing a brand; it's about being an advocate for a lifestyle that champions both mental and physical well-being. We will be announcing more about the application process soon, so in the mean time, follow us on social media so you can get the latest updates. Good luck – we hope to welcome you soon!

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