ASICS new top for women is a bold colour statement that says everything we want to hear

There are some things that remain steadfastly and eternally joyful, despite the best efforts of cynical and world-weary naysayers to prove otherwise. Selfies with your girlfriend, when you've both just had your hair done - a ten out of ten moment right there. Baby animals. Airport arrivals. Finishing a long run. First kisses. Unexpected cupcakes in the office. And - the colour fuchsia. Tragically mis-spelled, but none the sadder for it, this most vibrant and effervescent of hot hues takes no prisoners. It suits everyone and, if there was ever a shade to prove the power of colour psychology, this is it. 

In the pink... La vie en rose... is pink ever anything less than positively upbeat?

It's impossible to feel sad in a colour this bold and beautiful, and ASICS' latest waterproof running jacket - lightweight, fitted and boasting an advanced layered fabric that's wind-resistant and ventilated - is the fruity pop of pink we all want and need for our runs to feel that little bit more upbeat. With side pockets - thank you ASICS - women need pockets more than any other species on earth - and made at least 50% of recycled materials, this feel-good layered, zippy top is sustainable, too. Leggings and hair to match - optional yet highly recommended.

written by

Jola Chudy

Communications & Media Consultant from Dubai

Coach: Lee Harris - Running. Rory Buck - Triathlon

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