Nagino, meaning calm, applies perfectly to these soft, comfortable clothes - and I love this beautiful collection...

...The matching cream trousers and flex top in cream that exudes coziness and calm. The running tops and tights are the definition of softness, lightness and extremely comfortable.


A very soft, stretchy blend fabric with polyester. The top is perfect for relaxed days when you want to feel cozy and comfortable. Pair the Nagino flex top with the pants, and you’re ready for a recovery day, or the running top with tights, and you’re ready for a run that will make wonders for your mind and your body.


At first glance I thought the tops would be a bit short for me as I prefer tops that sits below my waistline, but it covers and has an elasticated hem that means you can sit it higher or lower to fit your preferred style of wearing it. The pants are a great fit too, and very comfortable. The running t-shirt and running long sleeved top are both so comfortable, not sitting too tight but rather a bit loose.


I love the stylish top with its boat neck and cap sleeves, and I love the cut-out back. The cream colour is lovely, with a tonal ASICS logo. The pants are modern and stylish.

The running tights, tops – long or short sleeved are excellent to use for your daily runs, a vigorous or relaxing yoga session or hitting the gym exercises in soothing colours, and who doesn’t want to be running or doing gym, yoga in harmonious colours, all the while wearing an outfit which allows for great flexibility and movement.

Nagino is made for women by women. Another reason to make Nagino into your favorite staple clothing for exercising.

All photos by the incredible photographer @elsheeko Sherif

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Valérie Fagerholt-Ramadan

Area Manager Bateel International Dubai - UAE from Dubai - UAE

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