A dream came true when I joined the ASICS Frontrunner team in 2023. A few weeks later the devastating news that I needed to take a running break due to a knee injury that was significantly more severe than what doctors expected at first. Navigating my recovering journey, the ASICS FrontRunner group is just encouraging, feeling blessed to be part of this team.

Following ASICS FrontRunner on Instagram for quite some time, I always dreamed off being part of this inspiring global community that is so diverse. In 2023, when a Swiss ASICS FrontRunner group was (re-)created, I applied and got in! I was just so incredibly happy and smiling even more, so that all my work colleagues asked what happened :) 

Signing the contract just felt great! But just a few weeks after, I had another doctor's appointment as I have had knee pain for quite some time and physio wasn't really effective. After a marathon of x-rays, MRIs, different appointments with specialized doctors, the result was: The previous diagnosis was wrong and for that reason the physio exercises & encouragement to keep running were wrong too, and actually caused severe damage that could have been prevented.

At that point, I felt confused & hurt. Calling our ASICS FrontRunner Team Leads, I explained my diagnosis and asked them what to do. Honestly, I feared and even therefore suggested myself that me wight wanna end the contract or at least "pause" it, as it is pretty unclear when I am able to run again & if I ever get back to long runs / trail runs and competing. Yet, the answer was: "You are one of us and we will help you navigating the injury. Don't pressure yourself at all, take it step by step". At that point in time, I understood ASICS's core identity really is "a sound mind in a sound body". 

Since then, my chronic knee pain got a lot better. The new physio exercises, the constant strength training, road cycling and a lot of patience helped to at least get rid off the inflammation of my patellas (that caused most of the pain). I had to change quite a few things, obviously. No runs in the morning, on weekend no trail runs. Yet, I actually have a fantastic summer, enjoying the things I can do at home in Switzerland, but also in Spain, Norway & Sweden. Even hiking is now possible again, which I started to truly enjoy - previously I always felt hiking is boring compared to trail running. 

Strangely enough, I started enjoying the recovery process, aiming to proof the doctors wrong and actually go back to running long distances free of any knee pain. Till then it will certainly take many more months. But already now, I am looking forward to run with my ASICS  teammates. 

I am just incredibly blessed to be part of the team and look forward to our next team event at Swiss Marathon Light early September. See you there, Navid, Tina, Kasia, Thu, Annelies, Andi, Ale & Pascal!

written by

Kirsten König

Management Consulting from Zug

Age group: F30

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