I joined the ASICSFrontRunner team since the spring of this year. From the beginning, I was very proud to be part of this community of passionate runners. However, I realised how privileged I really am after attending two team meetings. Doing team meetings made it all real. The accountability to the team becomes a powerful motivator, turning the commitment to show up not just a personal promise but a shared responsibility.

Let’s start with a short summary of the two AsicsFrontRunner Switzerland team meetings

  1. Wings For Life World Run in Zug – 7th May 2023

What an excellent choice for our first team meeting! Finally we could meet each other for our first Event and Run!

The Wings for Life World Run is a unique and global charity running event with a distinctive format. The concept of the Wings for Life World Run revolves around raising funds for spinal cord injury research.

We met at the BrunchFactory Freiruum in Zug. Tina and Navid, our community managers, prepared this really nice Pre Race program:

It was great meeting the other team members and creating some social media content together. There was a good vibe in the air, we laughed and made fun together. What an amazing team, one team!

For me it was my first participation on a race with this format and I really enjoyed it! Being at the start without a competitive mindset, just for the pleasure of running with other people, was very inspiring and motivating for me.

  1. Switzerland Marathon Light in Sarnen – 3rd September 2023

What to say about this week-end? I had a blast from the beginning to the end!

Let me share a short summary of this fantastic week-end with the best teammates and community managers.

Besides the fun moments with the best teammates, attending those team meetings represent so many more. They offer numerous powers and benefits that contribute to the overall success and cohesion of our team. Some of the key powers of our Asics FrontRunner team meetings to me are:

  1. Motivation and inspiration. The experiences we shared during our Asics FrontRunner team meetings serve as a continuous source of inspiration and motivation. Being part of this community is for sure a mental booster! These gatherings are not just about discussing training plans, races, splits, they are the pulse that propels us forward as a community, sharing Asics values.
  2. Community Building: This is what it’s all about! Our Asics FrontRunner team meetings provided us an opportunity to connect with each other, fostering a sense of community “one team”.
  3. Sens of belonging and unity: I really experienced the Asics team spirit and unity. The motivational speeches and discussions from David, Navid and Tina boosted our morale, instilled confidence and promoted a sense of belonging and purpose within the team. And what a team! I mean, one team!
  4. Product Information and Updates: We received new Asics gear and we got informed about the amazing Nagino collection. My favourite article is the Nagino Run jacket. The jacket offers a rain and wind protection but feels so comfortable and light.
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