I share 5 reasons why running gives me peace

I feel that running is like the gift that keeps giving. Since I rediscovered running it has been a positive factor in my life. Running keeps me healthy, boosts my confidence, uplifts my thoughts, and gives me goals. Through running I have connected with others and more importantly I have made deeper connections with myself. In no order here are 5 reasons why running gives me peace.

Unwind: After a bad night’s sleep or a challenging day, I find that my runs lift my mood. Lacing up is not always easy because there always seems be something else that is a priority. Those priorities are generally more sleep or work to do but after a few moments of justification I commit to going for a run. The moment I step out the door I generally feel boosted and ready to run. Running helps me to unwind by either running intensely to release tension or running at a lower intensity to destress, focus my breathing and relax. Running gives, me the time alone to unpack the day and put things into perspective. Usually after a run whatever was bothering me before is not bothering me as much or not at all.

Me time: During busy days It can feel difficult at times to justify taking a break let alone going for a run. Rather than having a specific running time I like to find a gap in my schedule or make one. Running gives, me the opportunity to experience well-earned guilt free me time. I find that taking time out to run lets me recharge, relax or unwind. I find that I enjoy listening to audiobooks and podcasts while I am running. Making time for yourself is not selfish it is self-love.

Calm: Like most people there are lots of things that are competing for my time and attention. The things generally range from my to do list, to work and projects that I am scoping. Unorganised thoughts are like clutter, can cause chaos and are quite tiring. I find that running allows me to escape that chaos and find peace through the pace. I find that the sounds of the running rhythm can be quite soothing. Whether it is a shorter easy paced run, fast paced short run or a longer challenging run it is an achievement. The sense of achievement gives me confidence and courage to tackle challenging things and cancel out any negative noise. Life can sometimes feel like a storm, and I am so glad that running has a calming effect.

Harmony: The first few minutes of my runs can be a bit challenging especially if I have not warmed up or have set off too fast. To be honest I am not really a warmup type of person. I just want to get out and get it done. I tend to find the initial moments challenging as I am trying to figure out my breathing, the route and pace. After around a mile I start to feel a great sense of calm when my body and mind start work in harmony. I call the harmonious moments flow. These are those moments when I do not need to focus on making the run happen it just happens. Not all my runs are harmonious but when they are they are truly uplifting.

Freedom: Throughout the day like most people, I frequently receive notifications for apps and emails. I generally put my phone on silent or do not disturb and check the notifications periodically. I save the social media notifications to later, delete the marketing emails and schedule responses to emails and work requests. Running without technology gives me the freedom to set the pace and choose my route. It releases me from the mostly unwanted multiple disruptions. After a day of being responsive to tasks and work, it is empowering to run and take control of an aspect of my day.

written by

Rey Smart

Personal Trainer from London

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