I review the incredibly bouncy Superblast


As an ASICS FrontRunner I am blessed to receive the latest kit and shoes. The Superblast weren't part of the kit drop so after doing research I decided to buy them to see if they would live up to my expectations. I really needed them to as I had a series of marathons coming up and needed my legs to be as fresh as possible. I was hopeful that the foam on foam cushioning would lesson the impact. I run marathons wearing Novablast 3 and have enjoyed running in Novablast since the first edition. Cool design aside I love the responsiveness, comfortable fit, responsiveness and love the cushioning. To me what separates Novablast from other ASICS trainers is it's versatility and how it provides support and responsiveness for forefoot, mid strike and heel strike. You're probably thinking why is he talking so much about Novablast when this is a Superblast review. The reason is context and in my mind the Novablast work perfectly for me so I had to go through a process of research to justify trading up to the Superblast. They were out of stock in store so I ordered online and decided to get the Hazard Green/Amethyst colour way.

First Impressions

They arrived much quicker than I expected and when I received the box from the delivery person I was shocked at how light it was. I thought to myself that maybe someone had accidentally packed some children's trainers. I ripped off the packaging and opened to see the box with the Superblast label in my size. Now I was starting to get excited thinking to myself these are going to be epic. I opened the box and the first thing that struck me was how big they were. As I took them out of the box to put them on all I could think is that the weight did not match the size. The colour of the upper is complimented by the sole, laces and tongue. What really impressed me is the level of comfort out of the box. The upper and tongue contoured to my feet, the toe box was generous and the insole was so soft. I rolled my feet individually from toe to heel to get a feel for them. They felt familiar but that stack height, striking colour way had me captivated. I took them off weighed them in my hands again, examined them and couldn't find anything wrong with them.

Running Experience

No matter how good a pair of running shoes look or feel walking around the house the most important thing is that they perform. So I did what I always advise people not to do and the first time I ran in them was for the Montpellier Marathon. My legs were tired from the previous week's marathon in Pathos which I had worn the Magic Speed 2. My legs were somewhat tired and in need of cushioning. The marathon course was road, pavement, park and some gravel. I found the Superblast very responsive during my first half and running actually felt quite effortless. It must be a combination of the stack height, sole shape and FF Blast Turbo. even when my legs began to tire and I switched my form I still benefitted from the foam and responsiveness. They performed well on the day and my feet felt comfortable throughout the marathon and afterwards. Two weeks later I ran the Paris Marathon wearing them and they were great over cobbled streets. On both occasions I found that they provided support and cushioning throughout and had a great grip on corners. I remember the first Novablast not being great on wet surfaces but I had no issues with the Superblast.


I am so glad that I decided to get a pair of Superblast as they ticked all the right boxes and performed exceeding my expectations. They are great, fast, long distance and marathon running shoe. Despite the AHARPlus outsole being extremely durable and them being able to last for tons of miles I will save them for race days and train in their little brother Novablast 3. Honestly I cannot state any negatives about my experienced with the shoes. Yes they are a flagship shoe with a price tag to match coming in below the MetaSpeed range. The Superblast may not have a carbon plate but the comfort and foam sure make up for that in my opinion. If you're looking for a fast and comfortable long distance pair of shoes I suggest you check out the Superblast.

Tech & Features

The SUPERBLAST™ shoe is the newest hero of the BLAST series. It creates a lightweight and responsive ride that makes it functional for long runs, tempo runs, and everything in between.​ This shoe's upper construction features an asymmetric mesh...

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written by

Rey Smart

Personal Trainer from London

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