Don’t shoot me for mentioning the C word, it’s officially at the “number of sleeps” stage countdown, so thank me later instead for my roundup of Christmas gift ideas for the runner, or outdoorsy person in your life.

Given that a Freddo now costs £27.50 (or something like that) I dread to think what a selection box or a fruity delights body scrub set will set you back… spend your hard earned dosh on something they’ll actually use instead, and not just use, will be super grateful for. Here’s my list of things that I either have and love, or (hint to anyone reading this wanting to buy me a gift) would love…

Garmin Instinct 2S solar- a super all round and durable contender that has amazing battery life, great navigation, amongst many other features. It’s on offer at Sports Shoes just now, and maybe even cheaper in Black Friday deals.

Garmin 255 music- the ideal running buddy, which allows you to run with music but without your phone! Again, a great price on Sports Shoes.

Garmin forerunner 55- an outstanding entry level running watch at a more affordable price. Once again, Sports Shoes coming out top for price.
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              Trail lovers- 






                  Hopefully this list will give a bit of festive inspiration and you’ll bag some Black Friday bargains at the same time! Happy running & gifting!

                  written by

                  Alexandra Long

                  from Edinburgh

                  Age group: 25-35

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