Earlier this year, Diane slid into my DMs with this event she wanted to do, that she thought I might enjoy - Hyrox. I had no idea what it was, but it involved several gruesome mini workouts punctuated by 1km runs, it sounded rather horrifically wonderful, so of course I was onboard. Diane knows I am a YES woman.

We signed up to the London ExCeL women’s doubles. Things are always less scary when you do them with your friends right? As the day approached, I realised how little I knew about what was going on, all I knew, based on my training, was it was most probably going to hurt!

The day itself was incredible, I think I spent most of it was a massive grin on my face. We arrived at the venue early to check out what was going on and it looked like organised chaos, which is something I thrive in! The whole place was buzzing.

After checking our bags, scoffing a pre race doughnut and spending some time warming up we headed out onto the course – starting with a run, then heading into station one which was the Ski Erg. I was a bit rabbit in the headlights, but soon settled down and dug in.

Then came another run, that was the first bit completed. We were actually doing this! The next stations were sled push, run, sled pull, run, then the dreaded burpee broad jumps which felt like some awful out of body experience. I hate burpees and I figured out the further I jumped the fewer I had to do so I threw myself into jumping AS FAR as I could, got a bit ahead of myself and tried to do a burpee whilst forgetting to put my hands down in front of me and just threw myself onto the floor, which was just wonderful and I don’t recommend trying. Its amazing what a bit of fatigue mixed with red bull can do to you.

After this was another run, a 1000m row, run, kettlebell farmers carry, run and then the big finish: 100m walking lunges, run and finally100 wall balls. They had really saved the ‘best’ until last. The lunges were gruesome and it took me most of the subsequent 1km run to get over the horror, however the wall balls took me by surprise – we got an incredible pair of judges and some extra support from one of my triathlon club pals who was volunteering. The atmosphere on that last station was something else.

And then we were done! and whoever put steps down off the finishing stage, thanks a million!

The atmosphere had been amazing throughout day, and being in the women’s wave was so inspiring – seeing women of all ages, shapes, speeds, abilities and backgrounds, smashing the workouts had me in awe. We paced the runs and shared the workout reps, dividing things up by our individual strengths (but lets face it no one’s strength is weighted lunges).

I had been worried about being totally out of my depth, and I think it is really natural to have those feelings of imposter syndrome before you try anything new, but what I loved was that there was such a range of abilities. Many people walked parts of the running sections and the judges were on hand to guide you through. It wasn’t the scary experience I had anticipated. But it was tough, and two days on I’m still aching.

Having Diane by my side was the absolute cherry on top. We really looked out for each other. I would never have had the confidence to take this first step on my own, however she has now created a monster. After saying ‘no more marathons in 2024’ I didn’t quite know what was on the horizon for my running. I’ve always loved lifting and running and Hyrox is the perfect combination of the two – this is the 2024 curveball I’ve been looking for sports wise and I’m excited to focus on shorter runs and chasing the PBs over 5/10k and throwing some Hyrox comps in for the fun of it. Onto the next!

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written by

Becca Burns

Envrionmental Research from Southport

Age group: 30 - 35
Club: Southport Waterloo AC

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