• 5 things I learnt in my first weeks of Ironman training (super beginners edition)

    by Arame Tall / Dec. 06, 2023

    After a drastic change in my plans for next season, and switching my from sprint distance triathlon to an ironman, I have now been working my arse off for a full FIVE weeks, so I thought here’s what I have learnt so far:

  • King Alfreds Way: Bogs of Death, Pubs of Delight & Multicoloured Mud (P1 / 3)

    by Sarah Booker / Dec. 05, 2023

    I had fancied making this into an adventure ever since I’d heard about the route. 250 miles of hills, trails and cake. I see no downside here! I’d done a bit of bike touring but absolutely none on trails. Unless you count that time I got REALLY lost and had to throw my bike over a hedge and cycle across a field to get away from THAT swan. Totally counts, right?

  • Our first Hyrox experience

    by Becca Burns / Dec. 04, 2023

    Earlier this year, Diane slid into my DMs with this event she wanted to do, that she thought I might enjoy - Hyrox. I had no idea what it was, but it involved several gruesome mini workouts punctuated by 1km runs, it sounded rather horrifically wonderful, so of course I was onboard. Diane knows I am a YES woman.

  • Not The Barkley Marathon !!

    by Brian Bowden / Dec. 01, 2023

    A weekend in wales and not a daffodil in sight

  • Striding into Success: A Guide to Setting Running Goals for 2024

    by Holly Stables / Dec. 01, 2023

    With 2023 drawing to a close, many of us are now planning our 2024 calendar. This blog will help guide you to make realistic and sustainable goals.

  • Christmas gifting for the runner

    by Alexandra Long / Nov. 28, 2023

    Don’t shoot me for mentioning the C word, it’s officially at the “number of sleeps” stage countdown, so thank me later instead for my roundup of Christmas gift ideas for the runner, or outdoorsy person in your life.

  • Marathon Nice Cannes recap

    by Rey Smart / Nov. 26, 2023

    Unable to run due to injury I cover the Nice Cannes Marathon from a different perspective. He's my recap of the Nice Breakfast Run and 15th edition of the Marathon Nice Cannes.

  • Tips to help improve your downhill running technique.

    by Robert Mann / Nov. 24, 2023

    The aim of this blog is to provide you with some simple tips to help improve your downhill running technique.

  • Spartan Trifecta World Championship Recap

    by Jamie Gane / Nov. 23, 2023

    The Spartan Trifecta World Championship is the pinnacle of obstacle course racing, where the world's most elite athletes gather to test their strength, endurance, and grit in the spiritual home of Spartan: Sparta, Greece. To qualify for the Spartan Trifecta World Championship, athletes must complete a full Trifecta, which consists of three races: the Sprint, the Super, and the Beast. The Sprint is the shortest and least challenging race, while the Beast is the longest and most challenging.