Barak Gahtan

PhD student in computer science, Technion from Haifa

הדיסציפלינות שלי
Yoga / Pilates Strength Training marathon 10k

קצת עליי

I am a PhD student in computer science. My research topics are two fold, (1) using deep learning for network communication problems and (2) predicting metabolic parameters such as VO2 max from wearable technologies such as smart watches (Garmin for instance). For almost a decade, I have been running long distances.

ההישגים הגדולים שלי

I suffered a really bad back injury 7 weeks before the Valencia marathon in 2021 that sidelined me for 3-4 months. After several months of rehab, I was able to finish the Valencia marathon in 2:43 and achieve a personal best.

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שיא 10KM


שיא half marathon


שיא marathon


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