We are halfway through the year 2023 and I thought it's time to analyze my sports progress. In this article, I will review my goals and share the important sports moments from the first half of the year. Then, I'll also talk about my plans for the second half of 2023. My calendar is packed, and I believe it's going to be quite spectacular!

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UPDATE (July 3rd): A friend suggested that I take a look at some stats and share them with you. I found them interesting. So, let's see how things stand when we compare the distances covered during training with those in official competitions:


My goals for 2023: What I set out at the end of 2022 and where I am now

The main purpose of my participation in competitions is to have fun, to enjoy strong sensations and to learn from these experiences. However, I'm also interested in performance: I want to constantly evolve. Therefore, I usually set very specific, very ambitious, but achievable goals. These form the basis of my annual sports activities planning. See here for more details on how I do my planning.

For 2023, I set the following goals:

  1. (easy) To finish three of the world's major marathons.
    42 km road marathons are my favorites, representing the ultimate challenge. I do not wish to participate in any marathon, but seek the most memorable ones. I have a long wish list in this regard. For this year, I chose Barcelona, Frankfurt, and Valencia because they are very fast (especially the last two), very popular, and probably well organized - the essential ingredient for an exceptional experience. 
    Current status: I've already completed the Barcelona Marathon.
  2. (very hard) To get under 3 hours in a 42 km road marathon - that is, any of the three mentioned above. It's very hard, but not impossible. Last year, I achieved a time of 3h17m at the Berlin Marathon, the fastest in the world, but I had problems during the race (muscle cramps) and I was not in top form. 
    Current status: I did not succeed in Barcelona because of an injury. But I still have two opportunities: in Frankfurt and Valencia.
  3. (easy) To make my first steps towards multi-sport competitions, that is, not just athletics, but competitions that also include swimming or cycling. In the long term, I want to become a triathlete. So, I intended to participate at least in an aquathlon (swimming and running) or the relay event of a triathlon (that is, to do running/swimming tests as a team). 
    Current status: Achieved, by participating in the Romanian Cup at Aquathlon, as I tell below (bonus: I came out in first place!)
  4. (medium) To get under 1h:30m in the half marathon. In 2022, I set a personal record of 1h:30m at the half marathon. 
    Current status: Accomplished, during the Barcelona marathon. Halfway through the marathon (21.1km), I recorded a time of 1h:29m:53s
  5. (medium) To get 40 minutes in 10km races, regularly. That is, this should be my standard time at 10km races. In 2022, I set a personal record of 00h:41m at 10km. 
    Current status: Achieved, at the Bucharest Half Marathon. And I obtained similar times at other competitions this year. New goal: to get a time under 40 minutes at 10km :)

Retrospective of sports activities in the first half of 2023

At the end of 2022, I had already registered for the main competitions (42km marathons) and a series of secondary competitions (half-marathons) that were to take place in the first part of 2023, immediately after the first marathon. Due to an injury during the Barcelona marathon, I had to reschedule everything. See details below.

To see my full competition calendar, along with the times recorded at each competition, visit my ASICS FrontRunner profile page.

Next, I will list the most important sports moments of 2023, in chronological order:

I look forward to comparing these plans with the actual results at the end of the year, to see how well I managed to fulfill my goals.

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