The Kit that I used and recommend!

The FUJITRAIL is designed for trail runners who run through the terrain for several hours, and here what I used while I'm training for a trail race and on the day of the race.

FUJITRAIL HYDRATION VEST, Its TASUKI SYSTEM is inspired by the Japanese kimono and is well suited to reduce vibrations when running through different terrains. feel very comfortable for the entire race time.

This vest also has magnetic buckles that can be quickly opened and closed with one hand. This design features water bottles consisting of two 500 ml containers. It also has ergonomic pockets that are handy for storing gels, a flashlight, your jacket and other accessories you might need during your off-road excursions.


ASICS GEL Fujitrabuco Pro shoe, which is really support my trail run and kept me safe from anything can have on trail race day. I found the quick lacing used by ASICS to be surprisingly well designed. The grip outsole is definitely one of the shoe’s strong points. Whether the ground is mud, grass, gravel, rock, sand or roots, the Fujitrabuco Pro doesn't care. And I mean that as I say it: Absolute top-notch grip on any surface. The shoe also proves to be a loyal companion on steep slopes, when running downhill or cross-country.

FUJITRAIL TOP,  is designed for trail-runners who want to keep cool and dry when navigating off-road terrain. also has a convenient back pocket for storing a jacket and other smaller essentials. Lastly, the reflective elements in the front and back of this shirt are strategically placed to increase visibility in low-light conditions.

written by

Mahmoud Alsaoudi

Procurement and Logistics Manager from Riyadh

Age group: 32

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