What can I say, after giving the Novablast 2 a tryout; it appears that a sense or urgency in my running, some kind of power was being unleashed

While I have always been using ASICS shoes and been comfortable with the Gel Nimbus range over the years, my recent appointment as an ASICS FrontRunner has provided an opportunity to try out some new, exciting running shoes… something I am not comfortable in doing: change for an ‘old man’, not easy !

But what can I say… after giving the Novablast 2 a tryout…it appears that a sense or urgency in my running, some kind of power was being unleashed… an energetic and smooth ride, great for long and tempo runs, feels light and while it may take some time getting used to; a really cool shoe. I thought it was just me, but my fellow ASICS FrontRunner, Mahmoud definitely agrees as well and his enthusiasm during our runs increased immensely something to do with his joyful nature and I believe in the super cool ASICS kits and these shoes.

The Novablast 2 is, on long slow runs, my perfect shoe and ideally suited for neutral runners.

On the technical side, the heel stabilizer is designed to improve support while producing a smoother stride; with FF BLAST™ technology providing lightweight cushioning and a responsive rebound.

So for now, I am alternating between the Gel-Nimbus (my favourite) and these awesome springy, Novablast 2 on my daily runs, until the Meta and Hyper Speed ranges come my way

written by

Suleman Mulla

Consultant from Jeddah

Age group: 50
Club: Jeddah Running Community

Half marathon Swim run Triathlon 10 KM Marathon Trail run