When should exercise in Ramadan?

Exercising in Ramadan is considered a healthy habit, because it has many benefits that are positively reflected on our health.It is preferable to engage in physical activities of light or medium intensity such as: walking, light jogging, bike, aerobics, or treadmill and fixed bike, which do not require great effort or high resistance and do not reach the body to the point of exhaustion.

When should exercise in Ramadan?

Before Iftar:

For an hour, and complete the entire training before Iftar, no later than 20 minutes, in order to try to quickly compensate the fluids and mineral that the body lost during training and to protect it from the health symptoms.

After Iftar:

Exercising at least 3 hours after Iftar, during this period the food is digested efficiently and comfortably so that energy is extracted and recharged to the organs of the body.

written by

Eng.Khaled Alsarra

Section manger from Riyadh

Age group: 50
Club: R7 Run Club community

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