Novablast 2LE creative colors to energize your body and freshen your mind

I started running with Novablast 1 last year. I purchased a pair from the store because I liked how it fitted my feet. I have a narrow foot and find it challenging to get a shoe that has a narrower toe box. I loved the performance of the novablast. I found it stable, had neutral support and allowed mid foot landing. The FF blast foam offers a nice bounce and energy return while giving a great cushioning properties. I used the shoe for my long runs and my tempo intervals. I found the shoe to have a perfect weight. It was not too heavy to run with or too light making it less stable. I run about 30-40 km per week and found the Novablast lasted me a long time

I recently got the Novablast 2LE. Its a limited edition shoe with a vibrant pink color. It was very similar in performance to Novablast 1. Except for being slightly stiffer. Its a great shoe if you are mid foot stickers looking for a high quality all round durable and fashionable shoe 


written by

Dina Altayeb

Dentist, Periodontist from Jeddah

Club: KSA tri. Jeddah Tribe

Triathlon Half marathon Trail run Strength training 10 KM