ASICS Dynablast 2 is a neutral daily trainer that uses FlyteFoam Blast midsole cushioning. With just the right amount of cushioning it provides a comfortable and soft ride. Perfect shoe for easy and recovery runs after a demanding speed training.

First impressions:

As a neutral runner who is a great fan of shoes that pay the highest attention to the comfort, I was very excited to try the new ASICS Dynablast 2. This model uses FlyteFoam Blast for a considerable amount of cushioning but not as much as the Novablast model. The ride is soft while in the same time the foot feels stable and in good contact with the ground.

From the first try it was the shoe that I didn’t want to take off at all. I tried the Dynablast 2 for different running sessions and it worked well for both, shorter and longer distances. It is definitely the model I prefer to wear for my recovery runs after a demanding tempo or interval workout. 

General features:


ASICS Dynablast 2 fit true to size and its forefoot has enough space - a feature that I appreciate a lot.

Ride and Stability:

Dynablast 2 provides an exceptional ride. It is well cushioned and soft while in the same time it succeeds to provide a good stability. What I prefer about this model is that a good ground feel is preserved even if thanks to the cushioning the foot is protected from the hard surface below: you really have the best of both worlds.




ASICS Dynablast 2 is a perfect daily trainer for neutral runners with a good amount of cushioning. It is the best for new but also experienced runners on the lookout for a comfortable shoe. The FlyteFoam Blast midsole cushioning with 8mm drop gives bouncy feel to every step which I absolutely loved. 


The DYNABLAST™ 2 shoe is designed for runners seeking a comfortable ride. It's a responsive running shoe that's made to take your post-run feeling to new heights. Part of our CELEBRATION OF SPORT pack, this style features a vibrant colorway that...

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