Running makes me happy and has a big impact on my mood. It keeps me calm and it helps me to focus. Running also releases endorphins and makes you feel happy.

For me running also has a deeper meaning because It means being grateful that I can run, being grateful that my body allows me to move. I was diagnosed with MS in 2014, at the time my world fell apart and all I saw was a life confined to a wheelchair. So Running means that I control my body and not my MS. It helps me clear my mind when I think about myself and my disease. Because when I got MS I thought that my active life was over. So running really means everything for me and has a very big impact on my mood. Running makes me feel strong and that everything is possible.

The impact running has on my mood is like my second medicine, and I know that when I am running I feel better, I don’t notice my MS that much. I belive that I can effect my weelbeeing with running and that effects how I experience some of the symptoms that are connected with my MS.

Running is a chance for me to be by myself and I prioritize myself and my health when I am running. The result I achived isn’t the most important thing for me, it is more that I feel so alive and healthy physically and mentally when I am running.

Running makes you feel strong and you get a lot of energy, energy that you can use to achieve your goals. It is a lot of positive things happening in your body while running. Running makes you feel more positive and that everything is possible. You know that feeling of flying, it makes you happy!

Finally, for me running is very important for my mood and wellbeing. It reduces stress and anxiety. Running helps to sort your mind and being aware of that you don’t let the negative thoughts being the highway in your head, it keeps negative thought away.

So don’t talk to me before I run: Because nothing frees my mind like running!

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Sofia Norgren

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