It is easy to believe that that our muscles and heart are setting our limits when it comes to endurance. When your heart can’t beat faster or your muscle can’t manage to go any faster. This as been the belief for quite a long time. Today we know better!

It is actually our brain that sets the limit for how fast we can run or how hard we can workout. It is actually not that strange. The brain collects all signals from the body. Depending on the outcome it will make you feel pain if you go to fast. This is a survival reaction so we should not feel to bad about it. But it is the brain that sets the pace even if your heart and muscles theoretically could go faster. There is a lot of talking about training your heart and muscles. Not to often do you hear about training your brain unfortunately. It has been proven in a study that mentally exhausted people perform worse than people who are not. Just imagine a training session after a hard day at work and compare it to a Saturday afternoon when the sun is shining. But if this is the case we should be able to train our brain just like we train our body.

An easy way of doing this is simply to start easy. The easiest thing we have around is what we are already doing. Almost everybody are working, 8am-5pm in my case. That is when a do my harder sessions, just after work when my brain is somewhat exhausted from a hard day. I might not break any records but i train my brain to be able to perform on a upcoming race where my brain most likely will be more exhausted than during my intervals. I don’t always train with a tired brain but I do it as often as I can, balance is key. In my next blog post I will add a new tip of how you can train your brain in everyday situations.

Try out some brain training. And as always, if you don’t believe in it, don’t do it!

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