Erik Liffner

Data Architect från Gustavsberg

Åldersgrupp: 49

Mina discipliner
Maraton Swim run Styrketräning Halvmaraton Funktionell träning Traillöpning

Om mig

I am a person who likes to motivate others to do more exercise and to move more. As an example I’m also the initiator of an integration project in my hometown, where we let immigrants exercise together with native Swedish people as an attempt to combine the possibilities to learn how to speak Swedish and to exercise. Due to the pandemic the project is right now put on hold and we will see how the future unfolds.

Mina största prestationer

VANSBRO triathlon (half IM) and Berlin Marathon

Mina personliga rekord

Rekord 10KM


Rekord Halvmaraton


Rekord Maraton


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Mina kommande mål och projekt

Scary new goal, I'm doing my first Backyard Ultra in September.

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Tidigare och kommande event

Datum Event Disciplin Åldersgrupp Tid
07.09.2019 CPH halfmarathon 49 1:50:24
03.09.2022 Big Shadow Backyard Backyard ultra 49

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